Fair Trade Agriculture

Over the years Sindyanna of Galilee has initiated a number of projects based on our core values of land preservation, environmental considerations, and commerce according to the principles of fair trade.

The Oasis Project

Our main ongoing project is Oasis organic olive grove where, in partnership with Al-Juzur, we planted a modern organic olive plantation over an area of 10 hectares. Oasis establishment was made possible thanks to the support of Cooperativa Chico Mendes – Sindyanna's fair trade partner in Milano, Italy. The project symbolizes our goals of fostering a unique cooperation between Arabs and Jews, in order to strengthen the economy of the Arab-Palestinian population. Read more about the Oasis project.

The Scottish Grove Project

Sindyanna has started a new agricultural project in collaboration with the Scottish Church to establish an olive grove on land belonging to a family in Yafi'a (south of Nazareth). The work in the field will start next week. We shall plant one thousand olive trees at the beginning of September 2012. Read more about the Scottish Grove project.