We are very thankful to those who created these wonderful short videos about Sindyanna as they all express our mission and goals with beautiful images and music!

How Can Olive Oil Create Hope?

By Yoram Ron and

"The Taste of Fair Trade" and "Fair trade for a Fair Society" by Yoram Ron are general introductions to our activities. The two Lush films were created by our UK partner Lush which uses our olive oil in their wonderful soap products. The longer video in Italian was created by Telepace Holy Land TV. We've also included a yummy recipe that utilizes za'atar like the one we produce.

Fair Trade for a Fair Society

The Taste of Fair Trade

Lush Buying Presents: Sindyanna of Galilee

Lush Fest 2012

L'Olivo Forte E Rigoglioso Della Galilea

Delicious: Goat Cheese in Olive Oil and Za'atar

By Yoram Ron and

How to Prepare Delicious Pickled Olives?

After picking the olives, the Sindyanna team started preparing them for pickling at our factory. Two months from now they'll be a gourmet addition to every meal! The short video below shows you how olives should be prepared.