Sindyanna of Galilee – April/May 2013 Newsletter

Dear friends of Sindyanna,

We're very happy to announce that our olive oil has won two more prestigious international prizes – Olive Tokyo (silver medal) and BIOL Italy (best Israeli olive oil). These awards reinforce what we've known all along: olive oil produced under fair-trade practices is better not just for our communities, but also for the food you prepare with it in your kitchen.

Of course, there are plenty of other activities on our to-do list – two visits to our honey producer in Nazareth, the "Fair Trade, Fair Peace" opening event in Jerusalem, and basket weaving workshops at our Visitors Center in Kufr Manda.

If you have friends who speak Hebrew, please tell them about our local Facebook page. For any other friends, send them to our international Facebook page.

As always, thank you for your support!

Hadas Lahav

Silver Medal at the Olive Tokyo Competition

Sindyanna of Galilee's olive oil won a silver medal at the recent Olive Japan international competition. Our partners in Japan, Palestine Olive, helped us by staffing a booth at the tradeshow.


Best Israeli Olive Oil at the BIOL Italy Competition

Our olive oil also won the Israeli Olive Oil category at BIOL Italy in Milan on May 20, 2013. We're delighted with their continued recognition of our excellent olive oil.

“TuttoFood” is the international fair on quality food which takes place every year in Milan. Olive oil producers from all over the world also come together to promote their products and get to know all novelties. This year Sindyanna has received a special international award from Biol, the consortium of biologic oil based in the southern Apulia region, which has now reached the 18th edition. On Monday 20 May Gianluca Bozzia, an Italian friend of Sindyanna who works for Chico Mendes, received the award in Milan from the president of Biol.


You can download the BIOL 'Choose Your Olive Oil' 2012 Guide where Sindyanna of Galilee is mentioned on page 24.

Visiting the Producer of Our Sweet Honey

On May 1st the Sindyanna team visited Ibrahim Kilani's beekeeping operations in Yafia-Nazareth to celebrate International Workers' Day with his very busy bees. A couple of weeks later, at the height of the spring honey collection season, a group of Sindyanna's friends visited Ibrahim's workshop where they learned how he produced such fragrant honey. It was very interesting and very sweet!



Launching a New Fair Trade Products Line


The opening event for the EU Partnership for Peace project in Palestine & Israel was held May 12th in Jerusalem/al-Kuds. It included Sindyanna of Galilee Fair Trade, Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans and COSPE. You can listen to interviews from the event in Arabic and English and read more about this unique project.



Arab-Jewish Basket Weaving Workshops

The goal of our basket weaving workshop and visitors center in Kufr Manda is to create a positive meeting point for Arabs and Jews through a wide variety of activities. One of these activities is the basket weaving course which is now in its third year.

Jews and Arabs live side by side in the Galilee region of Israel but the separation policy and the ongoing discrimination keeps them away from each other and does not produce many opportunities for day-to-day interaction, deepening the already existing alienation and fear.

The meetings at our visitors center are therefore of great importance. Not only do the people who attend our workshops get to know each other and build cross-cultural bridges, they also help bring back to life traditional handicrafts using locally sourced materials, which provide the local Arab women with the opportunity to earn a living.

To read more and see pictures from our workshops, head over to our site.