Sindyanna of Galilee – April/May/June 2014 Newsletter

Dear friends of Sindyanna,

We've had such a busy three months that we skipped one newsletter, so we have a lot of updates for you this time, whether you've been following us on our Facebook page or not.

Two more awards for our olive oil, articles in the Guardian and Time Out, news from around the world, World Fair Trade day, and much more, so without further ado…

Yours as always,

Hadas Lahav

More Medals for Sindyanna's Olive Oil

For the 5th year in a row Sindyanna's olive oil won the Prestige Gold Medal at the 2014 TerraOlivo event in Jerusalem, and for the third year in a row we won a medal at the BIOL competition in Italy.

From the latter, we brought home a silver medal, an award as the best Israeli olive oil, and inclusion in their catalog of the best organic olive oils from around the world.


Sindyanna Available Soon in South Korea!

And while we're speaking of our olive oil, we're proud to announce that very soon it will also be available in South Korea (bottle lable in Korean below). OhSung Kim, CEO of our new partner HANBIT, is planning to focus "on B to C (Business To Consumer) product sales”, mostly "to Korean Christians for whom the Galilee is an adorable and holy place”. Good Luck to our olive oil in Korea!


Articles in the Guardian and Time Out

The Guardian published an article about Sindyanna – reporter Katharine Earley quotes Hadas Lahav: "We're creating real economic opportunities for Arabs and Jews by uniting producers around a common goal: supporting their families and achieving positive transformation in the community. And in doing so, we're showing international customers that the situation in the Middle East is not black and white. There is a will to create change."

Sindyanna's olive oil (and our photos) were also highlighted in a Time Out article about the world of Israeli olives and the best local varieties. The full article is on the Time Out site (pages 18-24).

Reporter David Rhodes writes: "As an established symbol of peace, olives and their oil can play a great role in promoting home and cooperation in the region. Israel's President Shimon Peres sparked a peace initiative between Israel, Jordan and Palestinian authorities to plant a million olive trees in the Jordan River valley. Whether these trees are more valuable for baring oil-producing fruit or as a visible and tangible symbol of peace, visitors and residents of Israel will surely benefit and relish the results."


World Fair Trade Day – Rally at Roha

On May 9th, to highlight World Fair Trade Day and our own struggles to make sure our Fair Trade products get the chance they deserve, we held a protest rally at Oasis to prevent the placement of high tension electric cables over our Arab-Jewish organic olive grove in Roha, Wadi Ara, as well as over other agricultural lands in the area.

Read more about this event in the Al-Monitor online magazine.


Our Visitor Center's Outreach Activities

A recent FTFP initiative started a unique cooperation between well-known Italian designers, the Italian NGO COSPE, Sindyanna of Galilee and the Bethlehem Fair Trade Association (BFTA). The project, which will debut at the Milano design fair in April 2015, includes 50 water jugs designed by leading Italian, Israeli and Palestinian artists. The ceramic design will be done by artisans from the Bethlehem region and the jugs will be covered by palm fronds designed and woven by Sindyanna's basketweaving teams.

In addition, we have been hosting many interesting groups in our Visitor Center in Kufr Manda, and holding many basket weaving workshops across the country, including two at Kfar HaNassi and at Bethlehem of Galilee during the recent Jewish holiday of Shavuot.


Getting Ready for SIAL – Paris in October

Last but not least, we'll be attending SIAL, the Global Food Marketplace, which will be held in Paris 19 to 23 October 2014. The Salon International de l'Agroalimentaire (SIAL) is the largest food innovation observatory in the world, and is trade show is dedicated to the agri-food industry, food retail, and institutional and commercial catering.

Below is a photo of our booth at the Anuga food fair last year.