Sindyanna of Galilee – Feb/March 2013 Newsletter

Dear friends of Sindyanna,

We hope all is well with you. We're busy as usual with lots and lots of news and activity over the past couple of months – a volunteer workday to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of our organic olive grove in Roha, a weaving workshop and a new olive tree for a community garden in Haifa, an Israeli-Palestinian olive oil tasting workshop, and the international women's day protests in Tel Aviv & Nazareth.

On a far sadder note, we send our sincere condolences to the families of two of our partners who recently passed away – Adnan Tbeile from Nablus and Hind Abu Hatum from Yafia of Nazareth. We shall remember both with love and respect.

Yours as always,

Hadas Lahav

Our Organic Olive Grove's Third Birthday

About 100 Arab and Jewish volunteers came from all across the country to celebrate the third anniversary of our organic olive grove in Roha on Saturday, April 13th. The volunteers weeded the trees and afterwards gather together for a meal provided by the Wadi Ara members of Maan (WAC). At the end of the meal there was a workshop centered around getting to know the area, its human and natural environment.

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Community Garden, Olive Trees and Weaving Workshop

Last month we had two activities in Haifa. First, our team held a weaving workshop in a community garden in the upper Carmel – 15 people came to learn how to create a weaved plate. Second, Sindyanna donated an olive seedling to the community garden in Emek Hazeytim (Valley of Olives) in the Hadar neighborhood, which was planted by WAC volunteers.



Olive Oil Tasting Workshop

The Olive Oil Without Borders project organized an olive oil tasting workshop for arab women from the Galilee and the Palestinian occupied West Bank, including the team from our Kufr Kana warehouse. The workshop was led by Dr. Fathi Abdal Hadi.


International Women's Day March in Tel Aviv & Nazareth

On International Women's Day the women of Sindyanna joined other women and worker's organizations to demand equal rights, decent jobs and solidarity among all women of our region. Below are pictures from our picket line in Nazareth and the protest march in Tel Aviv.



Our Sincere Condolences

We were deeply saddened to hear about the death of two of our dear partners.

Hind Abu Hatum, who passed away March 14 at the age of 85. Hind who lived all her life in the village of Yafia (near Nazareth) was the owner of the land where Sindyanna of Galilee planted the first fair trade olive grove in Israel last September. Her dream was to see the olive trees flower. We shall strive to make her dream come true. Read more on our website.


Adnan Tbeile, an honorable and courageous man died in Nablus at the age of 81. We met him and his son Mojtaba 15 years ago when we first visited the family small soap workshop in Nablus. We were impressed by his friendly attitude and his passion for his profession. We have been working together ever since, to develop and strengthen our Nablus Soap market. We shall remember Mr. Tbeile with love and respect. For more about Mr. Tbeile's soap workshop, head over to our site.