Sindyanna of Galilee – Feb/March 2014 Newsletter

Dear friends of Sindyanna,

Another two months have passed and spring is finally here. It won't be long before summer arrives so we're enjoying every minute of this beautiful weather.

Starting with this month's newsletter, we'll be highlighting how people and organizations are using our olive oil around the world. We'd love to mention each and every one of you in future newsletters. If you're interested, please let me know!

Lots going on as usual at Sindyanna so without further ado…

Yours as always,
Hadas Lahav

Our Olive Oil Around the World

Gourmet restaurant Byblos, which recently opened in Toronto, features our olive oil on their menu, which is predominantly Eastern Mediterranean (Moroccan, Israeli, Lebanese, Persian and Turkish).
We love the idea of joining so many of our neighbors, all of us together on one menu in Canada. All our politicians haven't managed to do so, but Byblos' chef has, and we wish him success!
Our olive oil, which recently won the First Harvest 2014 gold medal, is brought to Toronto by The Olivar Corp.


Promoting Sindyanna in Italy

Roni Ben Efrat from Sindyanna of Galilee Fair Trade, together with Shatha Bannoura from the Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans (BFTA) and Gianni Toma from the Italian NGO COSPE, were invited by the Regional Legislative Council of the Emilia Romagna Region and other organizations to attend events marking Women International Day as representatives of Fair Trade Fair Peace (FTFP), a project funded within the EU program Partnership for Peace.

Read more about the visit and the FTFP project.


International Women's Day

Quite a lot went on during this year's International Women's Day. On the local level, we were at the WAC event in Tel Aviv under the banner of Working Women Unite. On the global level, we publicized the World Fair Trade Organization's call urging governments to make a positive change in women's lives around the world through a Fair Trade agenda. And closest to our hearts, the Jerusalem Post ran an article about our very own Insaf.

To read more about all three, head over to IWD 2014 page.


Welcoming Spring by Planting Za'atar

To get our Scottish Grove project ready for spring we held a volunteer workday on February 22. About 50 people joined us in planting Za'atar seedlings among the olive trees, including friends and family from Sindyanna, our partner Mayo Minagawa from Japan (in the photo), the Scottish Church, and the Scots Hotel in Tiberias. We hope to see you at our next event!

The Scottish Grove is a social-agricultural initiative based on Arab-Jewish partnership. You can read more about it on our site.


The Story of Fatmah Haj (Um Ihab)

When she was 71 years old, Um Ihab decided to join a basket weaving course at Sindyanna's Visitors and Workshop Centre in Kufr Manda. She now works and learns with Jewish and Arab women. You can read her full story on our web site.


A Visit from LUSH Cosmetics

We were very happy to host Joe and Lindsey from LUSH Cosmetics a couple of weeks ago. They have been buying our Fair for Life olive oil and carob syrup for use in their fresh handmade cosmetics, especially in their famous Olive Branch Shower Gel. While at our visitors center they also had a chance to participate in a weaving workshop led by Fatmah Haj (see above).