Sindyanna of Galilee – January 2013 Newsletter

Dear friends of Sindyanna,

Another new year, another month, another day, and through it all we're hard at work achieving our mission of strengthening the economy of the Arab-Palestinian population in general and enhancing the empowerment of Arab women in particular.

We're hoping 2013 will be particularly successful and we want to thank all of you for your continued support of Sindyanna. For example, our olive oil just won our latest gold medal and our Facebook page just reached 400 likes and the number continues to grow. Now is the time to add your name to the list and forward our name to your friends and colleagues, whether through this email or our Facebook page.

Yours as always,

Hadas Lahav

Gold Medal for our EVOO 2013

On January 16, Israel Olive Branch choose the winning olive oils from the 2012 harvest and we're very happy to announce that we won the gold medal for small producers.

Hadas Lahav, Sindyanna's CEO is second from right in the photo below (read more in Hebrew).


Khawla Azzam's Story

Khawla Azzam (photo below) started taking part in Sindyanna's basketry workshop in 2008. She is good at working with her hands and enjoys creating small accessories, and so, her basket-weaving skills have rapidly improved. She currently plays an active role as an assistant teacher in the basketry team of Sindyanna's Kufr Manda visitor center.

Khawla has fulfiled her childhood dream of working outside the home. "I never felt empty after starting to work in the basketry workshop" she says, "I have many good friends with whom I can share my feelings. I am very grateful to Sindyanna for making my life colourful."

You can read the rest of her story on the Children of Peace site.


New Sweet and Healthy Carob Syrup

We received a new shipment of delicious carob syrup from the Abu alHija family from the village of Caucab in the Galilee who have been making this special syrup for generations. The syrup is a wonderful addition when mixed into a variety of food, or simply spread over bread and pastries.

Abu Billal and his wife Samia are in the photo below with the full pot, and with Osnat Shperling who manages our Kuft Manda visitor center (middle).


At the Bread & Roses Art Exhibition

We were doubly proud at the recent Bread & Roses art exhibition – not only did we have a booth promoting full and just employment for Arab women, but we also had a hand in one of the pieces exhibited there.

Relli de Vries, an artist and landscape architect, came to our Kufr Manda basketry workshop with a Sansevieria plant. She wanted to weave a base for it from electrical wires that are impervious to water so that the plant can continue growing and sending its roots through the wires. Together with our weaving instructor Wahiba Hujeirat, she managed to weave a beautiful base for it. You can see more photos of the process and the final results on our web site.


Also, as a result of the exhibition, we have released our 4th series of postcards that is based on work of the Arab and Jewish female artists who participated in Bread & Roses. The postcards follow the theme of Women and Work for peace, equality and social justice.