Sindyanna of Galilee – July/Aug 2014 Newsletter

Dear friends of Sindyanna,

As you all well know, our region is going through a very difficult time. We are continuously horrified by the death and agony we’ve seen on both sides of the border.

As an organization that is focused on building bridges between Israelis and Palestinians, we are doing our best to make sure our voices are heard against the war and for peace and justice.

I hope that things quieten down by the time we send out our next newsletter. We wish all of you peace, wherever in the world you may be.

Yours as always,

Stop the War!

Many of our friends and partners have been working to stop the war in Gaza. We join their call to respect the national and human rights of the palestinian people and to help the people of Gaza in their time of need. A few examples:

  • Our Palestinian partners from BFTA sent this urgent appeal on behalf of the people of Gaza.
  • Our Fair Trade partner, the Hadeel/Palcrafts Shop in Edinburgh also published an appeal to help.
  • Our Italian partners held a concert last month calling for Israeli-Palestinian peace.


Sindyanna to Exhibit at SIAL 2014

We will be exhibiting at the SIAL tradeshow, which will be held in Paris October 19-23. It is the world's major agri-food event with more than 6,000 exhibitors and 150,000 high profile visitors, including the top French and international decision-makers.

It will be great to see all our friends and partners who are either local or visiting the show!


Articles About Us From Around the World

  • Olives grow in harsh conditions; so can peace – on her "This Gives Me Hope' blog Cathryn Wellner writes "What years of negotiations, violence, and belligerence have failed to do, Sindyanna is accomplishing in a straightforward way, by showing that a solution to the Middle East conflict begins with creating real economic opportunities.They give me hope."
  • There’s no time for idle gossip as Fatmah gets weaving – ESRA Magazine published an article by Hanan Manadre Zoabi about how our basketweaving courses benefit their participants. As Fatmah Haj says in the article “The first basket I weaved took me back years, to the time I taught craft at school: sewing, basket weaving, crocheting, drawing on canvas and glass. I was greatly moved. It was wonderful to go back to craft work after so many years.”
  • Osnat Shperling, Sindyanna's Projects and Marketing Coordinator wrote an article in the Children of Peace newsletter. As she writes "Through our work in Sindyanna of Galilee, we wish to empower marginalized Palestinian women; economically, socially and personally."