Sindyanna of Galilee – November 2012 Newsletter

Dear friends of Sindyanna,

Winter is here but work has not slowed down. Olive picking season is about to end and a delicious brand new batch of olive oil is on its way to our warehouse in Kufr Kana waiting to be shipped all over the world. Make sure you have it available in your fair trade kitchen next year!

Before the rainy season we ventured out to gather the palm fronds that we use to weave our baskets, and now that the rains have started beautiful green carpets of wheat have started spreading across our olive groves.

Read more below about what we've been up to during November, and don't forget to follow our timely news updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Yours as always,

Hadas Lahav

News from Our Wonderful Partners

Artisanat SEL is a major French import company for Fair Trade products, both handicrafts and food. They started selling Sindyanna's olive oil and soaps earlier this year, and have now included us in their Christmas catalog. To read more and view a video about Sindyanna in French, please head over to our dedicated partner page.

Our long time partners at LUSH Cosmetics are using our olive oil and carob syrup as part of their product line. The carob syrup, for example, has been added to their new chocolate-based body scrub. They have also have added our products to their Olive Branch Shower Gel and Happy Hanukkah Gift Pack. As I'm sure you will all agree, it is our duty to show the bright side of our region – use olive oil, not weapons!

Finally, thanks to support from the Trade for Development Centre of BTC, the Belgian development agency, we hired a professional food engineer. Read more on BTC's Israeli-Palestian Initiatives for Peace page.

Gathering Palm Fronds Before the First Rain

Our Kufr Manda team gathering palm fronds for next year's basket weaving in Bet Zera near the Sea of Galilee.

The Scottish Olive Grove After the First Rain

The trees are happy with the green carpets that sprouted among them. We sow wheat between the lines to protect the earth during the winter.

Visitors from Palestine

30 palestinian women came to our visitor center to meet with members of our Kufr Manda team. The women came from Nablus, Jenin and Kalqilya where they produce food items and handicrafts, supporting hundreds of families for whom this is their only source of income. The women shared stories about their work, their communities and the difficulties they are having in marketing their goods.

It was a moving experience for both sides. The Palestinian women were very excited about the work that Sindyanna has been doing, and were interested in learning basket weaving. The Manda team got a chance to meet more women who were looking to build their economic future through such initiatives. The visit was supported by the American Near East Foundation.


Weaving Their Way to Employment

What began as an idea to help Arab farmers market olive oil is realized today at Sindyanna, with further goal of empowering Arab women. An article in the Jerusalem Post by Tali Hardevall.